Saturday, May 2, 2009

Georgia Teacher Exposes Faults in Local Schools in New Fiction Book Release Based on True Accounts

Anonymously Penned Book Gives Georgia Parents, Teachers, Administrators, and Legislators Something to Reflect on This Summer

ATLANTA, Ga. – Each year at the onset of spring, students excitedly count down the days until the last day of school. But increasingly, teachers are becoming far more anxious for that day to come than their students. Faced daily with belligerent parents, a tremendous lack of resources, lack of compassion from administrators and dismal student performance, many are looking forward to a much-needed reprieve. However, while the average teacher will spend the summer trying to recover from their grueling year, one local teacher is making her voice heard, and giving teachers, parents, administrators and legislators something to reflect on over the next few months. In her new book, “No Teachers Left Behind”, she anonymously tells her story and the story of her peers, delivering a wake-up call for anyone with a stake in Georgia’s schools.

While “No Teachers Left Behind” is a work of fiction, it’s based on real life experiences and regular occurrences in Georgia’s public schools. The book’s lead character, Hopeful But Frustrated Teacher (HBF Teacher) gives a voice to dedicated teachers who attempt to make a difference, but whose efforts are constantly thwarted by the inequities and flaws in the school system. At Vilyon Middle School, the fictitious school in which the book takes place, good teachers are rarely recognized or afforded opportunities for advancement. Parents work against the teachers, refusing to form collaborative partnerships for the benefit of the students. Administrators are lenient in disciplinary actions because suspensions count against attendance and lower the school’s overall scores. And that’s only a part of the story.

“In the book and in the real world, teachers are not provided with the necessary tools that we need to help our students succeed,” said the author of “No Teachers Left Behind”. “If you want to know who’s really being left behind in the American public school system, take a closer look at the teachers. What we are given to work with is too often what we don’t need, and what we need, we are not given – only reasons why we can’t have it. When you speak to an administrator, they dismiss constructive criticism and suggestions about how we can work together to improve our schools, and this is very disheartening for teachers like me who want to change the world.”

“No Teachers Left Behind” is primarily written for veteran and aspiring teachers, administrators, politicians and parents. Through poetry, scene excerpts and email conversations, the book gives a voice to frustrated teachers, and sheds light on how overpaid administrators, unsupportive parents and students who show little respect for authority have impacted the educational system. The author has already received support and feedback from other teachers who have experienced many of the challenges and flaws exposed in the book, and are encouraged to see their story in print.

When asked if she is likely to be teaching in Georgia in the next five years, the author of “No Teachers Left Behind” admits that she would have to change schools, or see a changing of the guard in the administration. However, despite the challenges and disappointments that she’s experienced, she - much like HBF Teacher - tries to remain hopeful about the future of Georgia schools.

“There’s always hope – that’s the only thing that Pandora left in the box,” said the author. “But I have a number of concerns. Teachers are not represented or heard when decisions are made regarding educational policy, and that job is left up to far too many people who don’t have the teachers’ or the students’ best interests at heart. Ideally this book can help bring about some of the positive changes needed to turn things around.”

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Title: No Teachers Left Behind
Author: HBF Teacher
Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: 2nd Avenue Publishing
Date: March 2009
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0974757055
ISBN-13: 978-0974757056