Thursday, July 30, 2009

ABCs of Teachers Left Behind

students Absent 4 out of 5 days
Budget cuts send many teachers home
overcrowding in Classrooms is not a joke
Deadlines that require after 8pm and
to do lists are Endless and regenerative
Faculty favorites do little work
Teaching = Grueling hours because of
Hostile, disrespectful students
Piles of paper – Immense and monotonous
Juggling meetings and grading papers
Fear of being stabbed with everything and a Knife
Lack of security
stress induced headaches; Major aches and pains
Necessary – most of it is not
unattainable Objectives
Preparing students for tests they don’t care to pass
lunch breaks too short to even be called Quick
Resting a moment – unthinkable
limited Supplies
Tennis shoes for hundred dollars, but they can’t buy pens and paper
Furloughs, Unpaid, making a small take home even smaller
Vain administrators ignore teacher needs
June and July is all We wait for
X-rays sometimes needed
Parents don’t talk; they Yell
Zero tolerance for teachers who speak out