Monday, March 16, 2009

Pay for Scores

President Obama's children attend private school. How many friends does he have whose children attend public school? What does he know about public education today? When was the last time that he walked into a public school that hadn't been "prepared" for his arrival? He missed the disruptive students and abusive administrators and parents. He saw the freshly painted walls and clean carpets, not the graffiti in the restrooms or the two legged desks. All the middle school students sixteen and older he didn't see them. They were hidden away in a classroom that he never saw. Yet these kids, who don't care - who are only biding their time until they can drop out of school, Obama wants to use their test scores to determine our salaries. There is something wrong with all of this.


  1. Amen!! I totally agree- all these political visitors don't realize that they are getting a polished view... pay for test scores is crap- my students sure don't care how they perform on the test and I shouldn't be the one taking the hit for their apathy...

  2. Well said Tara. And I'm afraid that's the way it's heading for us. It's amazing how to have so more "supposed" influence, the fact that teachers actually have so little voice and power.